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Despite our best efforts in preparing an error-free manuscript, we discovered some errors and clarifications too late for the printing process, and we're sure that some will be discovered later. We list them here. If you, the reader, have any comments on the manuscript, please email us.


  • Page 35, Table 1.2, third line: Camcorders, the "p" value should be 0.01 and not 0.001.


  • Page 120, Table 4.2,  last line: The total for Innovation Moderates should be 81,265 and not 94,140.


  • Page  292, second paragraph starting with "For the innovation diffusion parameters..." we would like to clarify that the values are based on data that were available at the time of constructing the pre-launch forecast, and per values in the book by Mahajan, Muller and Wind (2000). 

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